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Well the whole Brazier Fire thing began when I was looking for an outdoor open fire for my entertainment area. I looked at the brazier wood burners on the market to see what was on offer and what would fit in with what I wanted.

It became apparent to me that the Braziers on offer were not that well thought through and I found myself thinking‚ “why do they make them like that?”.

There seemed to be some very clear deficiencies that I could address if I made my own Brazier. Firstly‚ a significant number of the braziers and fire–pits that I looked at‚ did not hold the fire very well.

Secondly‚ I thought that the aesthetic design and styling of the braziers was sorely lacking‚ well at least from my point of view. So I got to thinking through the process of how I improve them on every level i.e. design‚ styling‚ efficiency and durability.

I wanted a Brazier that was unique‚ with a bit of personality and flair‚ but still functioned beautifully.

So we got to work in our sheet metal fabrication shop and built and tested many Brazier and Fire Pit designs. We have progressed over the years with many styles and have had a lot of fun with the process of developing a truly unique line of brazier outdoor fireplaces.

Each Brazier is tried and tested personally by my family and I‚ more often than not with other good friends who have spent many a night around the Braziers mesmerized by their wonderful flames.

The different organic and geometric shapes that are cut into the Braziers give each one a unique reflective “personality”. From the Small Square Brazier that works well as a Fire Pit‚ through to the Tall Funnel Brazier (for those of us who like a LOT of fire) and my own personal favourite‚ the 2 piece Ball Brazier‚ they all express different moods.

For those of us that are more careful about where the ash may fall‚ we have also gone the extra mile and have created a Brazier stand with an integrated ash tray – great for people who want to use their brazier on their deck without mucking it up.

These Brazier Fireplaces become a real focal point for conversation where we can gather with family and friends around their life-giving heat.

So why not spend time with your family and friends around one of our many Brazier Fire designs. You’ll be positively glowing!


Featured Brazier Outdoor Fireplaces